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We are an independent Spanish headhunting firm who strive to offer the most exclusive service in recruitment consulting. Our aim is to build meaningful, long-term relationships with each client.

As mavericks, our independence allows us to break with traditional headhunting search methodology and offer a truly tailor made level of service, based on exquisite attention to detail. Thorough market research, awareness of corporate culture and direct search methods allow us to leave no stone unturned in the quest to best fulfil your specific needs.

We boast years of experience and a comprehensive grasp of our market, both at national and international level, and are proud also to offer consulting and coaching services geared towards human resources and company strategy. We also specialise in finding top Spanish candidates with an international profile for executive posts abroad.

Our work ethic is based on five pillars: strict confidentiality, impartiality, honesty, transparency and adherence to guaranteed deadlines. We encourage you to discover with us a completely new concept in adaptability, thoroughness and exclusivity.

Friisberg & Partners International, established in 1977, is a Pan-European network, where Partners are equal shareholders and operates as a network based on the Partners’ Agreement.

Currently, Friisberg & Partners International, an International Executive Search Group comprising over 100 entrepreneurial search professionals with 33 offices in 22 countries, across Europe and beyond.

Friisberg & Partners International has the combination of experienced consultants, local knowledge and global reach to help Clients recruit, retain and develop talented people, for regional, national and cross-border roles.

Whether undertaken separately or in combination, our services enhance leadership teams.

In Friisberg & Partners International 8 Practise Groups play a major role not only in international business development, but collect, share and support Partners in the given specific sectors.

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These services are always offered on an individual and detailed way to each client, always fulfilling our strict detailed customer service and delivering on time

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