Our passion, to be your main strategy partner.

Prinzipal Partners was born in 2011 as an exhilarating project where Javier Uruburu and Emiliano Sacristán understood that there are different ways to do things. After more than 15 years dedicated to HR Consultancy , they found the need to create a company where compromise, dedication and transparency were the fundamental pillars for the execution of the selection processes as in the design of strategical solutions of HR. During these years, Prinzipal Partners has positioned itself in the market as one of the Head Hunters with more privilege at a national level in which clients trust due to a compromise team and their capacity to keep learning from each project. Prinzipal Partners has also been part of Friisberg & Partners since 2013, creating an alliance of independent consultants in more than 20 countries, and achieving the global coverage that our clients need. “The continuous learning and flexibility to adapt to the necessity of our clients, are key in order to keep growing and consolidating in a market that demands efficient solutions from the most strategic partners.” Javier Uruburu & Emiliano Sacristán. Partners and Founders of PRINZIPAL PARTNERS

Javier Uruburu


Emiliano Sacristán


Gadea Zumárraga


María Figueroa


Natalia Ochoa


Alicia Angulo

Head of Research

Raquel Albardíaz

Head of Consultancy