Executive Search

Through direct research we find the best profiles in the market

At Prinzipal Partners we approach each research as unique and we know how to confront it from an actual juncture in the market, as from the typology, requirement and corporate culture of each client.

As a national independent headhunter, the detailed knowledge of the local market is part of our value. We accumulate successful cases in the main sectors by working with the most demanding companies within each of them. All of our clients value our passion to do things well.

At Prinzipal our objective is to be your Partner, to be our strategic associate means to participate in a project that implicates dedication, success, exhaustiveness, results and satisfaction of our clients.



Dedication is key to our organization. Each project is assigned two to three people to work with rigor and demand throughout all the process.



At Prinzipal Partners we comprise of excellence. For this, the effort from the candidate is vital and it is one of the differentiate facts of our process of research. As a result of this task 100% of the candidates located in the last two years have passed the guarantee period.



The dedication and completeness with which we execute our projects is proved with an average of 125 candidates per research. We also provide our clients with detailed information about the contacted professional which includes: Introduction to the profile, technical abilities, personal adequation, a visual graphic regarding abilities, salary, geographical mobility and motivation for a change.



Our commitment with the client is absolute and we search for strictness and excellence in each process. For this reason, we commit to fulfill with quality and time, the demand of our client.



For Prinzipal Partners the biggest indicator of a job well done is the level of satisfaction of our clients. Prinzipal Partners is proud to obtain a recurrence rate of 99%. Our clients continue to trust us year after year, which allows us to continue generating results with the highest level of strictness.